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gordano academy

I was approached by Gordano Academy to create a custom blogging application for their students.


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I am a web designer/developer working for a global enterprise company in the heart of Bristol. With a broad range of experience in a variety of disciplines, I like to write high quality, durable code. Currently I am unavailable for work, but please feel free to take a look round my site.



With over 10 years experience in visual design, I can deliver visuals to promote your brand. I believe that form should follow function, and that a successful design is measured in how easy it is to use

content management

Most clients want the capacity to edit their website themselves. There are a large variety of excellent packages available that can be customised to meet your requirements.


From simple PayPal integration to full blown e-commerce sites, I can provide you with the capacity to sell your products online

web applications

Sometimes, a client needs something so unique it needs to be built from the ground up. I can build full stack web applications from end to end


Fancy taking a look under the bonnet? Check out some of my repos on github!

Here's a fun little toy I cooked up recently: jGOL

agency work

I’ve also worked extensively on projects with other agencies. Take a look at some of the larger sites I’ve been involved with:

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Comprehensive knowledge of PHP, OOP and design patterns. Extensive experience using the Zend Framework
Good knowledge of database normal forms, performance and query design
Well versed in using jQuery and "vanilla" Javascript to create responsive user interfaces